when i drown in you,don’t save me,

when i wont wake up,don’t cry by me,

just let the memories hang in the air,

and let it rain

whisper the wind with the warmth you hold

the smile you hide,

the poetry you mould,

and let it rain

hold my hand when i will be cold,

shriveled and old.

and when the darkness falls,before the end 

let me in your soul

and let it rain..

                                                                 —aditya vishnu


About Aditya Vishnu

well, i have been sitting infront of this screen thinking how best to sound both cool and casual, i cant. So here is what i will do-i will simply tell you the things that i like and let you form an opinion. in F.R.I.E.N.D.S-i loved Chandler a little more than Joey Colour- Black, blue(..pink or salmon,which ever makes me look less gay) book- kite runnner,alchemist movie- Lord of the rings, Black hawk Down. philosophy- life is an accident, and they blame it on big Bang
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2 Responses to rain

  1. Doesn’t seem like a first attempt. There’s more, isn’t there? Really good.

  2. its not the first attempt, but the first of better ones

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