Movie Review: Four Weddings and A Funeral

directed by- Mike Newell            rating- 8/10

There are movies which intially get you excited then leave you in the middle of the plot like a heartless mistress. I have been addicted to stories even before my dad used to make me these fantasy tales with flying horses. Not surprisingly i was the main protagonist and the hero. Movies seem to me like an extension of the lost childhood and mysterious characters which never seem to satisfy me. I have been sceptical about romantic comedies since a long time. But Four weddings and a Funeral just changed my mind.It starts off in a bit of an odd fashion. But the usual style of the average guy falling for a pretty girl just couldnt have been different. The concept of stretching out the movie across a wide timeline seemed quite bold at that time. The characters are close to real life and are less phony. And without doubt Hugh Grant steals the limelight. There is one scene in which he goes to the  church and starts apologising to God for the “Misdemeanour” and immediately goes-” BUGGER BUGGER BUGGER”. Well maybe they are right- Brits do have a wicked sense of humour. The movie never lets up the pace once it starts with the first wedding. There is spontaneity which makes you feel that its possible even in real life. The deaf brother of Hugh Grant nails the climax scene when it becomes too exciting to bear. The feel good factor at the end even after a disaster will leave a good after taste.

The priest-in-training and his dialogue light up the scene. There are moments which only make you wish if it could be possible in real life. The casting seems spot on. Direction is beautiful. Although the movie could have done a better job at soundtrack and the a little crisp editting. Please leave your comments below and do poll..


About Aditya Vishnu

well, i have been sitting infront of this screen thinking how best to sound both cool and casual, i cant. So here is what i will do-i will simply tell you the things that i like and let you form an opinion. in F.R.I.E.N.D.S-i loved Chandler a little more than Joey Colour- Black, blue( or salmon,which ever makes me look less gay) book- kite runnner,alchemist movie- Lord of the rings, Black hawk Down. philosophy- life is an accident, and they blame it on big Bang
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