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well, i have been sitting infront of this screen thinking how best to sound both cool and casual, i cant. So here is what i will do-i will simply tell you the things that i like and let you form an opinion. in F.R.I.E.N.D.S-i loved Chandler a little more than Joey Colour- Black, blue( or salmon,which ever makes me look less gay) book- kite runnner,alchemist movie- Lord of the rings, Black hawk Down. philosophy- life is an accident, and they blame it on big Bang

Movie Review: Four Weddings and A Funeral

directed by- Mike Newell            rating- 8/10 There are movies which intially get you excited then leave you in the middle of the plot like a heartless mistress. I have been addicted to stories even before … Continue reading

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Tapri- a review

Tapri- a review.

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one last smoke before i die…

one last smoke before i die….

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Lets face it, most of us had not heard the name of this place before the movie-Rang de Basanti made it to the top of the box office hits. Unfortunately i had not heard of it till i made it … Continue reading

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towards the fort,just infront of jal mahal

towards the fort,just infront of jal mahal Continue reading

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An ode to dhoti…

I am not a traditional Indian guy. I somewhere in between.i love jagjeet singh as much as cold play, maybe a little more. And when it comes to deciding whether I am a die hard atheist,I feel the scared puppy … Continue reading

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