book review- Catcher in the rye

Book Review:                        Catcher in the rye-J.D Salinger                                    rating 3/10


well , this book can be considered interesting only by those people who have the ability to bear its tone of narration. It has the protagonistic going through his troubled teens and is completely disoriented. This story is set in the 1950s American society. The protagonistic has been just kicked of a public school having flunked all his papers apart from the English. This would be his 5th school from which he has been expelled. The sory goes on around how he roams around New York looking for friends and old ties to pass his time before he can make it home at the christmas eve avoiding the topic of his expulsion somehow. Throughout the book, he is looking for the answer as to where do the ducks go when the lake gets frozen. He misses his brother who died a couple of years ago. He keeps thinking about him . Amongst few friends he really cares is his younger sister who is unlike him quite sorted out and a scholar. The book ends in a peculiar fashion. It does not mention where he finally lands up. But one can make out that he ends up in a mental institution. Although it is consisdered one of the most succesfull novel, i simply couldnt appreciate it and it was a pain to go through the entire content. It looked like he was pissed at the entire world and just couldnt control the nature of his interaction with anyone. I am not a literary genius, but i would not suggest anyone reading this book toil to the end. Apparanetly, it has been legally challenged for the content and has been taught at various American schools to show the period of his lonely teen.


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